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Technical Architect | Technical Lead

Technical Architect and Lead with 20 years of software development experience in multinational environments.

Team Lead: Introduced Scrum, directly managed resource needs and requirements, mentored junior team members, coordinated technical delivery in distributed teams.

Solutions Architect: Designed and specified solutions for complex and challenging commercial situations. Focus on maintainable and extensible code, appropriate documentation, and simple, flexible design.

Solution Development: Developed and maintained multi-tier web applications, e-commerce business integration, stand-alone applications, and various tool-chains.

Martin was an asset to our analytics team at RIOT. His deep technical knowledge was critical to us during our planning and implementation stages. He always came to the table with not only the ability to be nimble under difficult circumstances, but a genuine interest in engineering a superior product and platform. I was delighted to have the opportunity to work with him and learn from him.

Joi Motley

Every company needs a Martin. He is an absolute wizard with data and saved our proverbial asses on many occasions. Martin just lives and breathes data. He eats it for lunch so to speak. And when you have to work with several data sources in your applications, you’d better make sure you have a Martin in da house! But that’s not all. Martin just gets what the digital world is about. He knows about the stuff normal people do not want to know about or, just don’t understand. On top of that he is a team player, he comes with that famous British humor, free of charge, and very important in a productive environment, hardly ever sick. I can only hope that I can work with Martin for a long time to come.

Peter Laurent