Helaas Pindakaas

Unfortunately the Dutch where knocked out of the Euro 2004.
Even though the Portugese tried their best to make the match more exciting by scoring an own goal to make the final score 2-1 to the home team.
I think I will stop predicting the match results from now on.
I said England would beat Portugal. I also said Portugal would not get through to the quaterfinals, and that Germany would. I also said the Dutch would win last nights match and be in the final. So I do not thinik I will curse aby other team by saying they will win.
The Dutch coach Advocaat is having a little trouble back home. An ex-oranje player, Mulder, has indicated that he should be “Hung and stoned” for his tactical decisions made during the tournement. This comment has raised the ire of the ineffectual minister-president Balkenende who wrote a letter condemning comments such as this. Mulder has retorted with a request for Balkende to apologise for this letter, as he finds the comments contained hurtfull.
Meantime, Advocaat has indicated he ‘might’ step down as coach.

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