Licensed but not available!

It is starting to piss me off that a lot of the cool anime that gets licensed, and thus removed from fansub sites will NEVER be available in Europe.
The problem is that I want a Region 2 DVD, with Original Japanese and English Subtitles.
Oh, I can get a Region 1 DVD from the US, and play it on a region-free DVD player, but that misses the point.
DVD Regions are obviously nonsense and this just reaffirms it.
And the Region 2 DVD’s that are available? Well, I can choose either the Original Japanese DVD [Japan is region 2] without any subtitles, or French/Dutch/German subtitled/dubbed DVD’s.
Region 2 English speakers are left out in the cold. OK we are a smaller market but come on guys we like anime too and are willing to buy it if it was available. [Ever heard of capitalism?]
Plus, to make it worse, the ones that do make it across the atlantic are mostly kiddie titles like “Dragonball Z” or “Pokemon” and not the far more mature and interesting titles like Gunsilnger Girl [Very stylish], or the weird titles like Kono Minikuku Mo Utsukushii Sekai [Which was cool] and slightly bizarre titles like Sensei no Ojikan [No way in hell this is gonna be licensed in the west. Too many people would think it is paedophillic. A 27 year old woman teacher that looks like a 12 year old. And gay and lesbian teenage students. Pity, as it is hilarious. And has a catchy theme-tune.]

2 thoughts on “Licensed but not available!

  1. Seb says:

    I can never understand the appeal of anime. Badly drawn guff, with even guffer sound effects. There’s this anime cartoon on TV that the kids insist on watching, and whenever they do, I feel the overwhelming urge to put my foot through the telly. So enraged am I by the poor quality animation, weak storylines, shallow 2d characters. It’s a program that says nothing to me about my life. In short – I hate anime.


  2. Martin G says:

    I can agree in part with this comment. In fact the post addressess the defects of the Anime that makes it over here. For the anime-skeptic I would recommend Gunslinger Girl, and Lain. Both have engaging, if weird, storylines. [Lain won many awards and redefined Anime to many people]
    As for the “badly drawn” comment, I only have 2 words to reply to this “Hanna Barbera“!


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