I am really getting into this Anime.
The characteristation is interesting and the story arc is finally getting juicy [I am on ep 13].
My favourite fansub team for this series is ANBU-LUNAR.
They seem to do a better job that Ayu, who seem a little too literal in their translations.
The story is about two girls, roughly the same age, but one [Margret Burton] is living a privaledged life of luxury in a peacefull country, whereas the other [Madlax from the title] is a mercenary agent in a coutry torn apart by civil war.
The story also revolves around the machinations of a sinister organisation/individual called Enfan and their manipulation of governments and organisations through use of information. Their main goal seems to be something they call “The Secondary”
I won’t put too much more in here as a spoiler.

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