Whenever asked “What about England do you miss?” my answer is always “The food!”.
Luckily the above shop allows expats like me to get hold of food you can’t in the local supermarkets. Like, sausages, English cheeses, chutneys etc.
But what they have been unable to provide has been Faggots.
[For non-Brits a faggot is a type of meatball made from pork, pork liver and onions.]
Until, that is, today. I went to the store, located near the Concertgebouw, and found that they finally had “Mr. Brains Pork Faggots”, Britains permier brand of faggot.
I picked up the pack and rushed home before it defrosted. 50 minutes after getting through the door I was tucking into a plate of juicy faggots!
It brought back many a childhood memory. And they still taste as good as they did back then!
I hope this is not a one off and they are going to have them in regularly so that I can get hold of a packet of faggots whenever the fancy takes me. 😉

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