Time to abandon MS Internet Explorer

Microsoft Internet Explorer Multiple Vulnerabilities

After the much publicised single security weakness discovered in Mozilla last week, Internet Explorer has 4 new ones discovered today. This adds to the pre-existing known security problems with IE.

Mozilla had a patch available for Mozilla and Firefox within 12 hours of the detection of their security issue [a way of using the browser to exploit a fatal security bug in Microsoft Windows itself, rather than a failing on the browsers part]. MS normally takes 2 to three weeks minimum before releasing a security patch.

This should be convincing that open source browsers such as Mozilla or its little brother Firefox or even the award winning commercial browser Opera, are the way to go.

Only MS IE is that vulnerable!!

2 thoughts on “Time to abandon MS Internet Explorer

  1. Seb says:

    But all things being equal. You will get more security breaches with IE because 97% of the world uses IE browsers, so for hackers etc it’s the target of choice. I think if Mozilla/Firefox had the same exposure the problem would be just as bad.


  2. Martin G says:

    Hmmm. Have U read the post? I was pointing out that not only does MS have many more security holes than other browsers, but also that MS takes way longer than the open source community, and even other commercial browser companies, to release a bug fix. And they have a reputation that even when they do they often get it wrong and you have to wait a little longer to patch that gaping security hole.
    Plus the 97% of users using IE is total BS!!.
    That stat is sooo out of date.
    Look here for a more up-to-date stat that shows MS accounts for 85% of browsers, even though Opera can be configured to identify itself as IE! [The actual figure must therefore be a guestimate.]
    As for being the ‘hackers choice’, MS will always be that as they release software with such plain and dangerous security holes and then take their own sweet time in fixing them. There are far more Unix based mail servers out there than Windows based ones, and yet it is Windows based mail servers that are hacked [Exchange Server].
    The percentage of installed base argument is nonsense. Hackers hack what is hackable. Plain and simple.


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