My back aches and my clothes are still soaking wet.

I have taken a long weekend to get some rest and decided to fit some curtains to my apartment. Rather than going to Ikea I decided to go to my local DIY shop, Praxis, that is just 10 mins walk away, rather than about 45 mins by public transport.

I bought tons of stuff, some of which tuns out to be pointless, but I succeeded in buying 4 curtain rails, some curtains for my bedroom, and a box of screws to add it all to the walls.

When I left the shop it was some sort of tropical storm, hot and very wet. So I walked home as fast as I could with a 2.80 meter long curtain rail, and got drenched. Luky I did not go to Ikea.

Then I spent the rest of the day fitting the curtains I have bought to my bedroom. I finished at about 17:20.
They look good.
And finally, before sitting down for me tea, I cut the 2.80 meter rail down to the 2.30 meter needed to fit my living room.
Tomorow I am going to buy; fat screws to add my fore-curtain-rails to the living room windows. HEMA curtains, and perhaps other stuff.

One thought on “Curtains!

  1. Mum and Dad says:

    Its about time!!!!!

    Well done. I am surprised your neighbours have not run you out of town by now.

    Love Mum and Dadxxx


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