Fahrenheit 9/11

Yesterday I went to see “Fahrenheit 9/11” at the Tsuchinski cinema with Zo√´ and Maarten.
Bought the tickets ages ago, long before Path√© decided to show the movie in my regular spot Path√© de Munt. [Although I do like the Tsuchinski, it’s 1920’s decor is cool, de Munt just feels more like a modern cinema. and you can use a ‘machine’ to buy/pick up tickets, making it faster than queueing]
Pathé expanded the showing to the other Amsterdam cinemas because of the large turnout to their sneak previews.
What do I think of the film?
Well, it is definitely partisan. Although I feel that a lot is omitted that can be used as a stick to beat Bush with. None of the UN displasy of real-politic were shown. [The time where the US was presenting a case about Aluminum Rods being used for nuclear weapons and then directly followed by the IAEA saying ‘nonsense’. Or the famous Rumsfeld quote

As we know,
There are known knowns.
There are things we know we know.
We also know
There are known unknowns.
That is to say
We know there are some things
We do not know.
But there are also unknown unknowns,
The ones we don’t know
We don’t know.

There was also a lot of human interest in the movie. Sometimes to excess. But it does bring home the reality of war when a greiving mother is bent double in tears begging to have her son returned to life.
Wars are always dirty, nasty, painfull and horrific. But they are sometimes necessary.
This movie is questioning the neccessity of the war in Iraq.
It also questions the motives of the people at-the-top that championed the war.
Unfortunately the emerging UN ‘oil-for-food’ program scandal, where Haliburton [under CEO Dick Cheney], and others, bribed UN officials to ‘get-around’ sanctions is ommitted.
But as it is new I had to expect that.
[Actually that is an interesting thing. Haliburton bribes a UN official, the official gets it in the ass, but Haliburton walks away without a scratch … ? I wonder why? Could it be because the bribe happened when Dick Cheney was CEO? I always thought that both parties in a bribe where considered bad people.]
The thing is, I question wether the movie will affect anything. It is no doubt preaching to the converted. The people that need to see the movie are the least likely to see it. They have already made up their minds as to what the movie contains.
And even Liberal commentators in the US are criticising the movie. Why. Because it uses the same popularist tricks that the right wing in America use to win hearts and minds. i.e. emotive imagery, singular perspective etc. I personally think it is about time someone on the left in the US started to do this. It is effective. Look at how the right has gained so much power using these self-same tricks in the past 7 years. [I find it amusing the right-wing is criticising the style of Michael Moore when he seems to emulate the best of their own.]
I am hoping the Repulicans lose control of the Whitehouse come November. And I hope the neoCons lose control of the Repulican party, so that real consevative politics can reassert itself.
We will have to wait and see …

2 thoughts on “Fahrenheit 9/11

  1. The Great Dandini says:

    Never had you down as a ‘real conservative’ graney, I am dissapointed. I’ve seen the film now about 4 times and every time I see it i hate it more. The film starts out well, but then loses it’s conviction as the evidence he presents runs out after about 30 minutes. It is clearly pushing an agenda (and why not) but the overuse of emotional ‘punches’ such as the grieving mother, or the shots of the teacher of the little girl shot in her classroom by a 4 year old boy (in ‘bowling for columbine’) are grating. They are cliches of the highest order and Moore uses them to drive home his points to excess. It’s sloppy film making quite frankly and makes the whole thing quite syropy. Another example is where he asks the senators to send their kids to Iraq and then expects us to be appalled at their reaction. Well, if I was asked the same thing (‘would you send your son to the war’) of course I would say no, no matter who I was. It’s a dumb question, but posed because it illicits a response favourable to his film and the point it is trying to make. And the film does make a point (i.e. the war is all about pleasing the Saudis and keeping the oil flowing towards the West), but could be cut to 30 minutes to make its impact hit home better than it can after 90-something minutes of shtick.


  2. Martin G says:

    Me a real conservative! LOL!
    No. I was just lamenting the death of genuine conservative politics in the US, in much the same way as I have lamented the death of genuine socialist politics in the UK.
    I do not support either political viewpoint, but the neo-liberals in the UK and the neo-conservatives in the US have confused things a lot.
    Both seem to be about big-business and not about the electorate.
    Which is the greatest shame of all.
    As for MM and F9/11, it is using the same tactic as the anti-abortionists in the US [oops. I mean the pro-lifers..]
    When I visited Mineapolis/St Paul in 2000, I remember seeing these right wingers thrusting graphic pictures of aborted foetuses on people comming out of church on a Sunday. To me this kind of emotional invasion is far worse than what MM doe sin F9/11. It is unexpected. And thanks to US TV, almost all pervasive.
    So we must put what MM did in the movie in perspective. He is only responding, in the same popularist manner, to the right wing commentators that get so much disproportionate airtime on US TV.
    And although I think the film is lacking, something, it is effective in giving a human face to the statistics. [The problem with most documentaries is that they tend to be clinical and state statistics. This makes it hard to make a connection to the average viewer. This documentary follows satire and statistics with gut-wrenching emotion. It is uncomfortable too watch at times. But it does make a connection. Which is the intention.]


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