6 month aniversay ..

6 months ago I “switched” to using an Apple macintosh as my main computer.
I am still more than happy by my little iBook, and I am still amazed at how powerful it is compared to my P4 desktop that it superseded.
Since the move I have faced no end of criticism from fellow ‘geeks’ show refer to it as “An OS for hairdressers”
Let me attack some of the common myths about the Mac
1) A Mac can not open windows word documents
Yes it can. In fact many people prefer to use the Mac version of MS office because it produces smaller files, is more advanced than the PC version, and has built in dictation and note-taking.
Mac OS X also ships with an application called TextEdit that can edit simple MS Word documents.
2) A Mac can not work on a windows network.
yes it can. Out-of-the-box. Although some releases, notably 10.3.2, have had issues with Networking these were patched pretty darn quickly. Opening a windows shared drive is as easy as hitting “command-k” and selecting it from the drop down list.
3) A Mac can not play “games”
It can. And they look pretty cool as well. Macs ship with decent video cards. But as it only has 3 percent of the market share only the major games get ‘ported’.
4) A Mac is a ‘lame-ass’ OS and not for 1337 h4x0r5!
Out of the box Mac OS is an ‘industrial grade’ BSD Unix based operating system. [It is based on a version of FreeBSD]. Not to stop there, you can download GNU ports [using fink, or darwinports] and have all your favourite hacker utils. Such as tcpdump.
5) A Mac is a ‘lame-ass’ OS for Developers!
nope. Apart from being a secure BSD based Unix, which means built in support for CVS, the shipped version of Mac OS X comes with an optional developer pack. Adding this pack and you OS will include; Java 1.4.2 SDK, JBoss, python, perl, XFree, and lots more besides.
And what’s more you can install a lot of your favourite open source apps like Eclipse and OpenOffice.
6) Macs are so slow. The fastest laptop is only a meagre 1.5 Ghz!
Um. No geek would say this. But the average Jo might. The fact is you are comparing apples with grapes. Mac’s are based on the RISC Power PC architecture, whereas PC’s are based on the LISC Intel architecture. The famous Hz is the internal clock cycle and does not indicate the power of a machine.
A good rule of thumb is to multiply the G4 Hz by 2 to get an approximate Pentium 4 Hz.
So a 1.5 G4 is equivalent to a 3.0 GHz Pentium 4 (approx.).
But as the architectures are so different results will vary. My old Wintel box is a 1.6 Ghz Pentium 4, my iBook is an 800 Mhz G4. They should be equivalent. But my laptop seems to have the performance edge.

All in all, after 6 moths of use, I am still content with my little 12 inch iBook and would heartily recommend an Apple to anyone that wants a powerful, stable and robust computer that also looks damn good.

5 thoughts on “6 month aniversay ..

  1. The Great Dandini says:

    It clearly doesnt come with a spell checker though. And I dont care what you say, it is still an OS for hairdressers, community nurses and radical lesbian feminist social workers.


  2. Martin G says:

    “It clearly doesnt come with a spell checker though” come on Bas! why are u so negative? My mac has a damn good spell checker, but it does not spell check text boxes in a web browser.
    That wouold be a fantastic enhancement to Safari though. Think I’ll suggest it. 😉
    [My web site BTW, runs on PHP in Apache on an openBSD box. I gave up trying to install a distro of Linux as most distro’s have become ‘bloatware’ and are no longer viable as a webserver. Linux is overrated.]


  3. Martin G says:

    Well, I was a little to hasty. Turns out there is a spell checker in Safari. It just resets itself. But now I know about the built in spell checker I can hopefully avoid upsetting you with my atrocious spelling.


  4. The Great Dandini says:

    not being negative, just tongue in cheek :-). Whenever i use WordPress i always copy and paste the text into word before posting. Call me pedantic …


  5. The Great Dandini says:

    And for the record, Linux is bloatware only if you choose to install everything. A minimal installation will give you all the tools you need, plus apache etc. I installed my site using out-of-the-box apache setup, no configuration needed to get it to work.


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