Netbeans 3.6 vs Eclipse 3.0 : on Solaris

I have found that the eclispe java IDE is a cool IDE and has a lot of cool options, such as built in refactoring and JUnit support, but for Solaris the best is by and far NetBeans.

This is kind of obvious as NetBeans and Solaris are both Sun products.

I desire to use Eclipse but find that the differences in the UI between the Windows/Mac versions and the Solaris version unacceptable.
By using the Motif library some things such as “wheel-mouse” and even something as simple as “mouse-button-click” have substantively different outcomes.
The Wheel-mouse events do not work, and you must keep mouse buttons depressed to access menus, even the main menu.
It is basically unusable.

Netbeans has a much more consistent UI experience between the different operating systems. Right-Click always brings a context-sensitive menu, and in the same way.

So my conclusion is; Solaris -> Netbeans, Any other OS -> Eclipse.

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