iPhoto and my iXus

Yes!!! I have finally got my ancient 2.1 Mega pixel Canon Digital iXus to work with iPhoto on my iBook.
It was simple…. kinda.
you have to follow a specific procedure….

  1. Start iPhoto
  2. Connect up the USB cable to the iXus
  3. Switch to ‘record’ and turn on iXus
  4. Switch to the ‘import’ tab in iPhoto
  5. Swith to ‘playback’ on the iXus
  6. Select ‘import’ in iPhoto

If you do any other order iPhoto seems to not see the camera. This could be because the supported camera, the Powershot S100, is the US version of the EU Digital iXus and so Canon probably did something internal.
Or iPhoto support for this ancient digital camera is hokey.
Either way, i now have a fully functioning digital camera, a laptop with cool imaging tools, and flights booked to Tokyo for next spring! YAY!

One thought on “iPhoto and my iXus

  1. Seb says:

    Excellent. I had the same problem with my Digi camera. You had to switch it on in the exact order, otherwise it just doesnt see it. So when are we going to see some pictures?

    Congrats on teh flights to Tokyo by the way! Very jealous, I’ve always wanted to go to Japan!!


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