Wired 12.10: The Crusade Against Evolution

Wired 12.10: The Crusade Against Evolution

Hmmm. I remember reading an article ages ago [mid-late 90s] that talked about Neural Networks using evolutionary concepts to design themselves.
The problem they faced is that using evolutionary theory the results were too complex. It worked, they just could not work out how!
I believe that the inherent complexity in nature PROVES evolution and Darwinism rather than disproves it.
An “Intelligent Designer” would make biological designs simpler and more efficient.
Evolution on the other hand, just uses the first solution that comes along, regardless how efficient or useful it is. The first solution that meets the ‘specific requirements’ for the problem it is meant to solve.
[Anyone with back problems should be aware of this. The human back serves its primary purpose of supporting our body, but it is not very efficient if you do anything strenuous. It is no doubt the first solution that evolution came across. An “Intelligent Designer” would have made the back a little more robust. Building in extra strength for the unexpected. And no doubt would have made sure “slipped disks” would never happen.]
If there is an “Intelligent Designer”, they are pretty lazy and quite poor at design. I could do better.
Wonder if there is a job opening … ?

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