It’s gonna get licensed

Ah, My goddess TV has been released on fan-sub and I bet it gets licensed. It is way too popular in the West.
[FYI, the manga has had many references in such esteemed shows as Buffy the Vampire Slayer]
So far the 2 eps I have seen are cool. The animation is extremely professional and the characters, although typically stereotypical, are engaging.
Soon to be licensed, unlike, the pulled-due-to-slightly-unfair-but-legal-challenges, Genshiken. Which never, ever, in a month of Sundays, will ever get licensed in the west. Why the production company is seeking legal recourse against the [almost quasi]-illegal fan-subbers, who are catering for a small hard-core anime fan base [I doubt that the viewer-ship on the net is more that 1000 (Including me). Unlike the immensely popular Naruto]

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