Smug Silence

I have been silent for the last month or so. This is because I have finally left Expresso and moved on.
I now work for a Dutch company, in the finance sector, and I am enjoying the challenge of working in a Dutch Speaking environment.
It is tiring me out. But it feels rewarding.
Today, for instance, I had an all day training session, in Dutch, discussing the technical standards the company uses.
It was a great overview of the various libraries, and Java tech, that is used by the company.

I am also starting to ramp up my planning for my Japan vacation that is happening in March/April.
I found a cool Buddhist pilgrimage called “The 88 Temples of Shikoku” that I could go on…. If I had 3 months!
You basically walk around the mountainous and rural island of Shikoku. About 1200-km. It takes most people about 40-60 days.
[You walk through forests, up mountains, and across beaches.]
So I have been busy.
But I have also had the problem that I can not view my web-site from behind my firewall-router [?] and have to go out via a proxy to see it.
Thus, I have needed to sort it out.
I also found out that I have not configured the comment-spam-filter correctly and had around 300 spam comments since September that needed deletion.
This house-work has taken most of tonight…

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