Welsh Tart

I watched “Oceans 12” last night.
I was dissapointed. I loved the first movie, but this one is lame.
And what makes it lame is that they have that untalented, welsh tart Catherine Zeta Jones, alongside some of the best actors in the business.
Her lack of talent is made plainly obvious in the movie. [She just can’t act!]
And her lack of ability spoils an otherwise ok movie.
The movie did not need her character at all. In fact I actually believe it detracted from the storyline. If they had omitted her parts from the movie, and thus, unfortuneatly, skipped Amsterdam, It would have made for a much better movie.

2 thoughts on “Welsh Tart

  1. Seb says:

    Well, after having seen the film, i must agree. What a truly shocking piece of cinema. Catherine Zeta Jones cannto act to save her life. Her character made no sense, an overdressed, overacted and overpaid addition to a film that frankly needed a plot more than her pointy shoes.


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