BBC NEWS | UK | Temperatures ‘will keep falling’

BBC NEWS | UK | Temperatures ‘will keep falling’

Hmm. Global warming…
I know that is a facetious thing to say, but I am sick of all the pseudo-science of the environmentalists.
Mankind has always been arrogant enough to believe he has some divine power to affect the surrounding enviornment. This is all Environmentalism is.
The naive belief that we can affect the environment in such a detremental way that we could destroy it.
When all we are likely to do is destroy ourselves.
I am not convinced that the human race is causing the present change in global climate.
Especially when a single volcanic erruption pumps out more “Greenhouse gasses” in a single erruption than the whole human race in 10 years.
But I am for conservation. This is not as hypocrytical as it first sounds. It is purely a rational response to preserving limited resources.
It makes little sense to burn off all the oil within 10 years, than eek it out over a period of 100, givin us time to transition to a hydrogen based economy.
And all those un-recorded species of flora and forna in the rainforest could be extremely useful in medicine, or agriculture.
If they are extinct how could we exploit them?
I was angry by the US pull out of the Kyoto accord, not because of some minimal environmental impact [Implementing Kyoto only buys us 6 years, even according to the environmentalists own figures], but because it sets a frightening precedant for future US administrations.
That They can overrule any international agreement.

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