Fiona Apple “Extraordinary Machine” – The Lost Album

I came across this while browsing the web.

I was disgusted.
The music industry, via it’s enforcers the RIAA continues to claim that “But even in this new digital world, artists and record companies still have ‚Äì and deserve ‚Äì the right to protect their music” and also claim that “Many do not understand the significant negative impact of piracy on the music industry” and are using these absurd justifications to aggressively pursue people who are sharing Fiona Apples 2003 album “Extraordinary Machine” that Sony SHELVED!

I am sorry, but I can not see how sharing this album that the recording studio has refused to sell to the public is harming either Fiona Apple or Sony.
If anything it is helping the artist gain more notoriety and just making Sony Music executives, and therefore, by association, the new CEO of Sony, look like idiots.

Fiona Apple happens to be one of the few artists whose work I purchase without even checking it out first, because of her obvious quality. [I do the same with Tori Amos]
So that is about 14 Euro that Sony has lost out on.
And I know the fan base is big enough to have made it worthwhile for Sony to release this album.
No doubt quite a few millions they have lost out on by not releasing this album.
[Maybe they just don’t want her to make her “Turkey is Murder” speech again? ;-)]

Oh, and Sony if you are bothering to listen to obscure bloggers.
Yes, I will buy the album if you bother to release it.
In the meantime, thanks instead to bittorrent, I will be listening to Fiona’s amazing caterwauling .

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