Verhuizing ?

After having a weblog for quite a while now I feel like I want to move out of the spare room and onto a managed server.
One of the main reasons I use a server located in my spare room is because of Yahoo Hostings policy of crippling PHP.
Most PHP based blogging tools, like the one I presently use, require a few of the libraries that Yahoo disables.
Reasons to move to a hosted weblog service:

  • I can turn off my webserver and save some money on electrickery
  • I will not have to worry about power outages casued by the faulty wiring in my apartment
  • I already pay for Yahoo hosting and all it does is redirect. I could do it all in one place, for the same amount of cash
  • If I am traveling I do not need to worry about the server going down, and thus preventing me from blogging

Pretty convincing, huh?
I like WordPress and want to continue to use it. All I need is a hoster that allows me to migrate all my WordPress stuff, including templates and dB, to the new site.
Then I will redirect my DNS entries to the new host.
And, of course, my wonderfull domain. 😉

I plan on doing this after my japanese vacation. [Before that I will migrate to WordPress 1.5 though to make it easier]

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