28th March 2005

yesterdays pictures 2005:03:27

Yesterday landing at Narita I struggled across Tokyo to my Ryokan.
I had not slept a wink on the plane. [It took 2 hours!]
As I waas in transit my alarm went off annoncing it was 06:00 in Amsterdam. I was changing trains in Ueno and had to struggle with my bags to find it.
But it did make me smile.
I checked into my Ryokan and at about 15:00 went out to walk about the neighbourhood to keep myself awake.
4 hours of wandering zombie-like later I returned to my Ryokan.
I had decided to have quick and easy junk-food instead of a real meal, as I wasn’t that hungry due to jet-lag.
Even though I passed the same McDonalds 5 times during my wanderings I decided to grab some Yakitori from a street vendor outside a local supermarket.
I pointed at what I thought was beef and held up 2 fingers in a pose reminisent of too many anime characters and said “に”.
I doubt I could have handled it better in english with my head feeling like it was full of marshmellow.
He charcoal-grilled them and dipped them in soy sauce and then presented them to me in a waxed bag.
They were not beef.
They were liver… and tasted … fantastic!
Just what my がいじん jet-lagged body required.
Then I went back to the Ryokan for a sleepless night.

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