29th March 2005

yesterdays pictures 2005:03:28
todays pictures 2005:03:29

The journey yesterday was as uneventful as it was misty and overcast.
So I did not get to see ふじさん [Mt. Fuji]!
I arrived at Tokyo station 1 hour early, which turned out to be lucky as I ended up aat completely the wrong platform.
Today has been my tourist day in Fukuoka, after the failed attempt to buy a pre-paid mobile phone yesterday. [Seems that Vodaphone Japan HQ claim I can buy a phone, but their retail outlets inist I can’t!]
It has been nice to finally relax and do touristy things like climb to see Fukuoka Castle ruins, wlak through the park, take lots of photos, and get sunburn.
Sun block was yet one more thing that I had forgotten.
I am now sitting in an Izakaya ordering random things from the menu.
The beers are very dutch, with a large foamy head.
And with my ‘red’ face I decided to try the Izakaya in the basement of my hotel.
But wait!
They are not affiliated in any way to the Hyatt. They just rent the space.
Nothing is in English, even the staff!
Whereas the Hyatt has copious amounts of English (All of it slightly off).
I bought some typically Japanese ‘flash cards’ from Muji. They have stores in the UK and Ireland.
But they have way more stock here. Even more in this regional store than the HQ store in London.
I also wondered around the department stores near my hotel.
Some that Mamiko would love, and others she would loath.
I was drawn into an area full of shops for kids ..
… not my fault ..
They had a Studio Ghibli store!!
Unfortunately it was right next door to a Pokémon store.
The Pokémon store cleverly had a display of the character Pika-chu that had a button that said “Pika-pika” when pressed. [That characters catch-phrase]
And you can guess what all the kids were doing.
“Pika-pika-pika-pika-pika-pika-pika …. etc”
Slightly diminished the ‘mystery’ of the Ghibli stores offerings.
I also visited a couple of bookstores and ended up in the manga section.

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