30th March 2005

todays pictures

So, I arrive in Hirshima at just around 11:09.
The perfect timing of the trains is rather bizarre.
I drop my bag off at my hotel and head on down to the Peace museum.
This was a bit of a mistake.
Zo had warned me it would affect me a lot.
It did.
I could not eat anything until 20:00.
Plus I did not feel like doing much after it.
The audi guide is particularly harrowing.
So I spent the rest of the time that day trying to finding out information about my trip to Miyajima and do some internet.
Unfotuneatly the place I went to, the ammusingly named “I love you” seemed to be closed for business.
There was a sign in Japanese and a barrier blocking the stairs.
So I decided to go and have something to eat and I chose okonomiyaki at a really cool place called Okonomiyaki-mura.
I found a cool place on the 2nd floor run by a matriarch and her disabled daughter.
They were very friendly and the okomiyaki tasted great.
I grabbed some HaagenDazs and got stepped on by an American tourist.
The woman apologised in Japanese and then seeing me, in English.
Her husband said, “Why apologise in English he might be German” so I responded with “Nein. Englisher!”
I went back to my hotel for an early night and as I was trying to get to sleep I noticed that there was a lot oging on outside. It turned out to be a party and I got some cool and bizarre photos through the doors looking hole.

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