1st April 2005

So. Finally I am in Dogo Onsen.
And yes. I have been to to the Onsen. I even have a stamp in my journal to prove it.
I am sitting in an Izakaya facing the Onsen itself.
They do a nice beer in this bar. Very refreshing after a nice soak. 😉
The Onsen was hot and very civilized.
I still find it hard to believe that I plucked up the guts to do it. Especially considering my social phobias.
But, bathing naked in front of a few Japanese Salarymen was not so bad.
I got the full treatment, with a special private room on the top floor, for only ¥ 1,250. It was very nice.
While at this Izakaya I met a nice retired English couple called David and Gill.
They are travelling the world. They have been in Japan for three weeks and are leaving for another country on Wednesday.
They have spent the last 3 months touring.
The Journey from Miyajima to Dogo Onsen was a bit of a trek, but I had anticipated that already.
A walk with my increasingly heavy bag to the port, the ferry back to Miyajima-guchi, train to Hrioshima Station, a tram to Ujina Port, hydrofoil to Matsuyama Kankoko, bus to Matsuyama Station, a short wlak, then finally another tram to Dogo Onsen. Whew
The hydrofoil was impressive after the initial 2 hour wait. I should have taken the 12:30 service instead of the 13:30.
But I was able to grab a meal in Hrioshima Station on my way. I had a McTerriaki Burger Set from McDonalds for only about € 3.50, a meal that would cost more than € 5 in .nl.
And it was way tastier than McDonalds in Europe.
Tomorrow will be a busy day. A temple and a castle.
After seeing and being in the Onsen I can see where Miyazaki has captured the mystery and the wonder of the Onsen experience in Spirited Away (Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi)!
I a pondering wether to do it again tomorrow.
I’ll see how tired I am.

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