2nd April 2005

todays pictures 2005:04:02

Ok. Ishite-ji was eclectic and weird, but the walk to it is down a busy main road with no footpath that will test you faith! 😉
The underground shrine was the best, with lots of slow strobe lighting and water dripping from the ceiling onto Buddhas below. Lots of Buddhas!
On the whole though it is pretty dilapidated compared to other temples I have been to so far [i.e. Miyajima!]
The Castle in Matsuyama is not worth the hassle.
Well, not at the moment.
It is presently covered up for extensive renovation. Seeing people enjoying Hanami at the top of the castle hill was fun though.
And I took the cable car to the top. So another phobia over and done with.
Well, I did not use the chair lift, so I have moved my ‘edge of intolerance’ a little further. Maybe.
I am now sitting in an Indian restaurant in downtown Matsuyama. The staff are miserable, especially the lady serving, so much so that I imagined that I was in England during a local derby football match. (They were guenuine Indians! Not Japanese cooking indian food.)
An Expat couple came in, an American man and a British woman, and proceded to totally ignore the ‘baka’ tourist.
They were having an in-depth conversation about how different Japanese teens were in learning a foreign language.
Guess they are English teachers.
The quality of the meat in the curry was poor. But what did I expect for only ¥ 1,000 (€ 7).

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