5th April 2005

todays pictures 2005:04:05

Another hectic day.
I moved from Tani House to Tani Annex today.
The Annex is a small apartment in the very heart of the city.
I am not sure how noisy it will be as it is only one street away from the main shopping street Teramachi-dori, that is a covered arcade.
In the afternoon I visited the temples in the South-East of Kyoto I wanted to, and also booked the “Miyako Odori”, or Geisha Festival, in Gion.
I am so lucky to be visiting in April, the month when the Geiko and Maiko put on a festival of traditional dance.
The two temples I visited were, Kiyomizu, with the very impressive high wooden deck, and Kodai-ji, with an over-rated Zen garden, but a beautiful set of buildings. Both were magnificent.
In fact they were too good.
I shot so many photos that when I returned to the center I had to find a store that sold “Sony Memorystick™”.
I found a place that sold the 1 GB Memory stick, and also gave a tax discount for foreign visitors!
The final price was about ¥ 22,000 which is about £ 110, which in turn is £ 150 cheaper than the price in LHR duty-free!!!
I just hope they do not ask me to pay the difference at the border.
Finished the night off at an Italian restaurant not far from the Annex.
It was OK, just what I needed.

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