7th April 2005

yesterdays pictures 2005:04:06
todays pictures 2005:04:07

I went to Nara yesterday and got lots of pictures of the HUGE bronze Buddha and its temple. Then as I was leaving one of the many deer surrounding the temple came and started to harass me, obviously looking for food.
I showed it the only thing I had, my map of Nara, and said “Look. Its a map. So you can’t eat it!”.
The deer responded by promptly starting to eat it.
I saw able to wrench most of the map from its maw.
I found an Internet café run by NTT and sent a few mails an chatted with Mamiko.
After that I returned to Kyoto and grabbed a bite at First Kitchen, a Japanese fast food chain.
After a suitable rest I decided to go for a walk by the river.
It was beautiful and I followed the lights across the bridge and into Gion.
Gion at night was picturesque and I got some nice pictures of the backstreets.
Then as I wandered aimlessly around Gion, I happened across a lage Hanami festival, in a shrine park, next to Gion.
Everyone was sitting on blue mats getting drunk, and every now and again a dunk woman exclaiming “ehhhh!” very loudly.
I wandered back to my apartment through a much dodgier part of town, frequented by streetwalkers and sinister looking men in expensive suits.
I decided it wise not to take any photos.
Then I grabbed a Wendy’s burger and went back to my apartment for some sleep!

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