DotCom: Not Quite Dead Yet

The end of DotCom, and the subsequent stockmarket apathy, has not stopped the hackers from hacking cool new solutions for people to use.
Many people thought that it meant “The end of innovation on the web” and that it was the “Return of business-as-usual”.
How wrong they were. We still see innovation. In fact it seems to have been honed by the DotBomb era sensibilities.
Sites like Blogger and MovableType not only survived DotBomb, they prospered and got bought out by bigger players.
Other services seem to be following their business model of “Create something innovative that people like with little or no cash, get LOTS of users, and then sell-out to the big guys for $$”.
Another good example of this new model is Flickr.
Still in beta, they were bought by one of the big 3, in this case Yahoo!.
I have just found another potential for continuing this model,
What does is to essentially make you into a radiostation. Using you mp3 software, and a plugin, you broadcast what you are listening to to the internet community.
It only works when you are online, which I assume is how they get away with any RIAA nonsense, so it is like playing your HiFi loud in your apartment so your neighbours can hear. [Annoying, but not against copyright law as you have the right to play music you have purchased.]
In fact they use that nomenclature for people who have similar tastes in music to you.
Yes, it builds up relationships between users based upon their tastes, and calls them your neighbours.
This is all good and well, and shows that the entrepenurial spirit and innovative spirit of DotCom lives on!

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