So I am in the Playstation section of Sony Centre in Ginza Tokyo, and I find this PSP game.
It is a tie in with a Manga/Anime series.
And it rawks.
[I was tempted to buy the Japanese PSP just for this game!]
So when I return from Japan I look on and find that the series is still unlicensed in the US.
So I download episodes 1-25 and take a look.
I love the series. Well. I love the series until Rukia is captured and put on death scentence and Ichigo has to enter Soul Society and save her butt.
It suddenly goes from quirky and unconventional bittersweet anime to a standard figthing/battle anime.
That was such a let down.
I just hope they get back from Soul Society and can return to the more quirky way it was before. [However as this is a derived from a Jump Comic it is likely to be more of this battle and beat a new bad guy until they get to Rukias brother, the big baddie (Who is no doubt being manipulated by someone else)]
The PSP game is set BEFORE they all end up in Soul Society, but after their training, and so has the quirky element and of course graphics the Nintendo DS would kill for.
[BTW: Videos are watchable on the PSP regardless of the critics.]

And the series WILL be licensed soon.
How do I know…
Well about 6000 people have downloaded the most recent episode, and numbers over 1000 have a high likelyhood to bring a series to the attention of ADV, Manga et al.
[Although it took AGES for them to see the popularity of Naruto]

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