So a row is happening online that is getting pretty heated.
CC [Creative Commons], the flexible copyright people, have entered into a pro-bono relationship with BzzAgent, a viral marketing company that is awfully familiar to the ones satirized in William Gibsons book Pattern Recognition.
Firstly Suw Charman of Corante indicated her, and others, dissaproval of the the association.
Then a President of Bzzagent himself wrote an angry reply calling bloggers, and Suw Charman, liars.
Suw responded with quite a measured post, considering.
And now Lawrence Lessig of CC is asking if CC should drop the relationship.

My opinion, and I have posted it to the CC page above, is that they should drop the association and set up a promotion site more in-line with their ethos.
Something akin to the hugely successful SpreadFirefox.

The first I heard of all this was on the #joiito channel.
I was a little surprised. I never expected such a relationship to happen.
And the feeling of the inhabitants of that channel was pretty uniform.
They all thought it sucked. And that CC should distance themselves from the bzzz.

I’ll keep you posted with what happens, and also my opinions on it. 😉

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