So I upgraded my iBook to Mac OS X 10.4 last night.

It was a little frustrating.
Not the install, but the backup I did before it.
Turns out that the backup utility I have does not like writing some types of files to a Win XP managed network drive.
[I have a huge disk n my old P4 1.6 that I intended to use to back up my iBook.]
I finally worked out a way around this.
I used Disk Utility to create a disk image of 20 GB on the networked drive, which took ages, and then I mounted the disk image and backed up to it!
It worked like a dream, although it did take a while.

I have found the flagship technology insight does not work.
It has a status saying it will take 22 hours to index all my files. eek.
Perhaps I should delete some.
And initially I had an issue with Mail.app crashing on startup. But this was because of a bundle that was incompatible with Mail.app 2.0. Deleting the bundle solved the problem.

This morning I installed the patch, 10.4.1, that has a fix for the bad bundles crashing Mail.app 2.0 issue I saw last night.

The Dashboard is pretty neat. I especially like the fact that I now have widgets for wikipedia, Van Dale and GoudeGids.
The weather widget is the best though.
[Even though it initally had the weather for Amsterdam, NY ;-)]

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