“What you gonna do? Bleed on me?”

I just got back from watching Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith.
I saw it with Adamski and a friend of his.
It was pretty cool. Well, better than the first and second episodes.
There is a point in the movie that reminded us of Monty Python and the Holy Grail and the scene with the black night.
I wont spoil it for you but if you have seen both movies then you will understand.
[The title is a quote from the holy grail]
I have to admit that Supreme Chancelor Palpatine [Ian McDiarmid] is amazing in this movie. Really scheming and sinister. He gets the best lines and delivers them with aplomb.
Anakin [Hayden Christensen] is not so good. He comes of across as a little whiney, and his descent to the dark side is treated too lightly. i.e. It should of, and could of, been a lot darker.
Obi-wan Kenobi [Ewan McGregor] is a great actor, and has some memorable scenes, but his scripted dialog was below par. He seemed, as an actor, to be trying hard to add depth to lines which had none.
Which is a pity because the script dialog for his character should have exuded depth.
Yoda [Frank Oz] has to go down as the most kick-ass CGI character ever. Much more beleivable than in the last ep. [His fight scene with Palpatine is rumored to have been directed by Steven Spielberg and was originally 2 times as long as the version in the final cut. It is also the best fight scene in the movie. (There are a lot of fight scenes in this movie!). I hope this is extended in the DVD release. ;-)]

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