What would jesus eat?

Americans look to Jesus for diet

As an inveterate heathen I take most religious tomes with a pinch of salt.
I have always found it peculiar that a lot of people take religous works literally rather than as an allegorical historical text.
But to use a religious text to found the basis of a diet regime is just plain crazy.
Religious texts tend to outlaw certain food products, i.e. pork, because of hygine reasons and the lack of refrigeration in the 1st century.
I have seen justifications by some Buddhists that they should not eat meats as it is against the prohibition on killing in the eight fold path.
Of course Buddha himself ate meat.
In some buddhist regions that is all they can have. [Yak]
It tends to be Buddhists in wealthier nations in more moderate climates that become so idealistic.
The same is with some Christians and their prohibition of alchohol. Jesus drank wine.
SO how can drinking wine be a sin?
I guess I will never get it. I am far too much of a pragmatist.

I will keep to my Z-plan diet that has lost 10 kilos, without any divine intervention, and to combine this with generous portions of exercise.

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