..:: Reopen 9/11 – Catch the Real Terrorists ::..

..:: Reopen 9/11 – Catch the Real Terrorists ::..

Yeah right.
I am sorry but the conspiracy on 911 is one of ignorance not of complicity.
An arrogant republican president, that spent more time fishing and playing golf than leading his country, ignored warnings because they came from the previous administration.
That is the true conspiracy. One of ignorance.
saying ridiculous things like “no steel columned building has ever collapsed because of fire” ignores the basics.
1) Aviation fuel burns damn hot.
2) Planes are damn heavy.
These two facts alone should make such stupid comments boil away in their own arrogance.
I mean, these people probably believe the government blew up the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma.
The construction of the building was such that it collapsed of its own accord in an extreme situation.
And as for pentagon and “building 7” in exteme conditions weird things can happen.
It is true that a lot of the investigation was botched, but this does not mean a conspiracy of the level they are claiming.
It is like claiming the LA police deliberately damaged important evidence, and ignored procedures, to help OJ Simpson get out of a jail sentence.
It is just plain daft!

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