A lesson in moral leadership? or managerial stupidity?

A lesson in moral leadership

Last month 119 Harvard Business School applicants were thrown out for clicking a link in a Business Week message board when the school decided this constituted hacking.

IMHO this decision is bad judgement on the part of Harvard.
I know that business ethics is all the rage, post-Enron, but it is plainly ridiculous that clicking a link constitutes hacking.

For instance consider the following link;

As just shown, applying hard and fast real world ethics to the nebulous nature of the web is problematic at best.

Plus, they clicked a link.
This means that the confidential admissions data was PUBLIC.
There is no way to access data directly from a link, either by http or https, if the data was genuinely secure.

The people who should be thrown out of Harvard are the systems administrators that allow confidential data to be public and the idiot that decided clicking a link constituted hacking.

shout out to NevOn for finding this article

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