Bibles ‘may spread superbug’

Bibles ‘may spread superbug’

“We will put notes in the (patients’) lockers” and “also agreed to the trust’s request to run its volunteers through criminal records bureau checks before they are allowed to enter wards to distribute the Bibles.”

So until now they have been discriminatory against other faiths and have allowed potential psychos distribute their bibles in hospitals.

Only when they are called to account are they willing to do anything.
This is the reason such medieval privileges should be removed from organised religions.
They are so arrogant that they consider a genuine concern for offending people of other faiths, or no faith like me, or causing potential health risks as being Outrageous.
Where is the so-called Christian compassion?
Where is the “turning the other cheek”?

I say remove them and burn them.
Oh, and the books as well. 😉

I don’t actually support book burning. But their arrogant response made my heathen blood boil in my veins. People like this should just think about the affect of their actions and show more genuine compassion for others.

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