Social Web as Social Darwinism?

The Big Brother beauty contest

Following on from Orkut and other social web networking sites, we now have the site to identify the most shallow and insipid individuals on the planet. is a web site where the members vote to accept new members based entirely on the superficiality of beauty.

And this is more than a rant by a slightly overweight bespectacled nerd who can’t get laid.
I find this to be generally insulting and elitist.
The idea that individual worth can be measured by physical attractiveness is just absurd.

But I have to admit that I have, in the past, used the term “beautiful people” as a derogatory comment on the self-obsessed posers that I sometimes have the misfortune to bump into in my daily life.
Either at the Gym, on the beach, or just generally, the “beautiful people” know who they are and make sure that others know it to.

The real question is, who was the first person in the club?
With Orkut it was the caffeine and pizza fueled hacker/developer/coder/nerds of Google.

Was the first member of beautifulpeople.netalso a caffeine and pizza fueled, slightly overweight, bespectacled nerd who could not get laid?

2 thoughts on “Social Web as Social Darwinism?

  1. Michiel says:

    Hmmm… there are many clubs that select members by criteria that not everyone might meet (mensa for the smarties, I’m sure there are millionaire clubs, and clubs for one-eyed retired pirates, and god knows what else). I’m sure there are ‘nerds-only’ clubs too. How is this different?

    So this club selects on a subset of the genepool that fit with the current paradigm of ‘beautiful’. Good for them. My guess it will attract shallow bimbo’s and studs, and if I look at the ‘accepted members’ I think that is not far off the mark.

    BTW I don’t think your ‘first member’ theory is correct or we would not see this when accessing the page with firefox. The rest of the pages are at least as horribly put together. iframe hell indeed.


  2. Keitaro says:

    You are right about exclusivist clubs. I just felt like a rant.

    I noticed that on a windows box with FF I was able to somehow bypass this screen and it was all wack. I mean totally screwed up.
    With IFrames all over the place and even Flash seemed to be acting weird.
    There must be a tool out there that allows bimbos and himbos to publish sites like this at a single button click. Compatibility be damned.

    I also guess that their target audience does not even know that there are web browsers and OS’s out there other than MS.
    [You know only top-of-the-line models can even talk!]


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