EU leaders head to crisis summit

BBC NEWS | World | Europe | EU leaders head to crisis summit

I am vexed by all this.
CAP is an abomination and a restriction on free trade within the EU.
It is against the spirit of the EU, which was supposed to bring down borders and make us a happy nuclear family of Europeans.
I have no qualms with Mr. Blair standing firm on this issue.
The UK should only give up the rebate, which is itself an abomination, if the CAP is restructured to be fairer to all members of the EU, rather than just France.
France seems to have a compensation culture of economic protectionism that instead of protecting it’s markets as intended actually harms them by making them lazy and uncompetetive.
This also annoys the hell out of me because the Constitution that I believed in, and would have voted for, was destroyed because of the incompetence of the same politicians blaming the UK for not being “Good Europeans”.
I think all that Chirac is doing is trying to shift the spotlight onto someone else as a political expedient.
He is trying to shift the blame for the failure of the Constitution onto the UK who are the traditional whipping dogs of the EU because of their innate caution and free-market anti-protectionism.
Hmm. The older I get the more of a Clasical Liberal I become.
And the less of a Social Democrat.

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