Intransigence on “both” sides

BBC NEWS | World | Europe | Anger erupts as EU summit fails

The EU Budget crisis is caused by intransigence on both sides. The UK with using its rebate as an effective economic ‘blackmail’, and France with its arrogant protectionism.

What annoys me more is the acrimony from some of the comments to this article.

They say that the UK should leave because of it’s Island Mentality.
I agree that on the whole the UK has an isolationist island mentality, but reforming the EU budget and getting rid of built in internal market protectionism is actually anything but isolationism.

The French with their insistance of a maintenance of the asymetric common agricultural policy are in effect isolationist.
They are isolating their farmers from effect of the common market.
They are thinking only of their national interest and not for the benefit of the whole EU.

The UK rebate is fundamentally wrong. But, for exactly the same reasons, so is CAP.

I think the UK is right, for once, to use it’s rebate, which was secured long before the present CAP provisions, to try and force a reform of the EU budget that will be of most benefit to the poorer countries, rather than keep the present budget that only benefits the rich and arrogant older countries.

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