Shoujo for me-o: Gakuen Alice

I have started to watch 学園アリス from the fansub networks.

The series is a pretty weird Shoujo, or girls, anime and is a little atypical of the magic girl style.
The characters all have special powers, like most magical girl anime, but there seems to be a lot more plot going on than you would expect.
[There seems to be some sinister purpose behind the government collecting all these special kids in a single place, and preventing them from leaving, or even seeing their families!]
The animation style is a little like あずまんが大王, in that it is normal for most of the time, breaking into over-stylised, or even SD-like, sections for the humourous bits. [Like when the protagonists hit each other over the head … etc]
The overall affect is a little disturbing. The anime is all cutesy magical girl with the elements your would expect from that genre, and then there is some brooding, and sometimes downright violent, scenes that seem a little out of place.
Of course that is from a western p.o.v. and I doubt that the violent homosexual undertones of a relationship between a male teacher and male student would be carried over to an English language version of this series.
So far I am enjoying it and want to see where they are going with the subtext.
What is the sinister government involment in the Alice Gakuen?
Why does Mikan’s special power scare the teachers so much? [Especially when it is so lame!]
What is the Natsume up to? and what is his relationship with the scary looking guy in leathers?
Will Hotaru ever smile?

Hopefully, all will be revealed.

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