London Wins 2012 Olympics!!!

London beats Paris to 2012 Games

Whooo Hooo!!!

This is fantastic. I had hoped London would win as this is the first time that the UK has ‘won’ the Olympic bid.

The UK has hosted it on 2 other occasions though, but only when the organising city could not deliver.

I would have been happy if Paris had won also. [Well. Maybe less chuffed than I am now obviously ;-)]
Just as long as it was in the EU!

The reason I feel that It is good it is in Europe is that it is not that difficult for lots of different nationalities to turn up for the games and chear on their respective national teams.

I found the constant “USA USA USA” brainless nationalistic chants that drown out all else annoying when it is hosted in the US. [Only Canadians can really get there easily]
[Also, the booing and hissing during the Cuban national anthem that occurs when the USA hosts it is a disgrace.]

Roll on 2012 and the Olympics.
Perhaps I can get to see some beach volleyball 😉

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