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London bombings toll rises to 37

What we had anticipated for so long finally ocurred.

London has faced it’s worst attack since the blitz.
And the UK’s worst terrorist attack since Lockerbie.

I am in a little shock. And no doubt most ofther Brits are too.
At first I felt OK that my family all presently live in the North of england or abroad and so would be far away from London.

Then I suddenly remembered that my brother was taking the week off to visit some friends down south before going to an REM concert in Hyde Park.

I calmly sent an SMS and then immediately pannicked and phoned him.

Fortunately I had nothing to worry about.
He was visiting friends in Southampton today and had travelled down to meet them last night.
We had a brief chat about the whole thing, and how few casualties there were, considering that it was rush hour in one of Europes most densly populated cities, and chatted about how he was doing in his preparation for the New York Marathon later this year.

Thanks to the “six degrees of separation” theory, and the fact I know people who have lived in London, I am bound to know someone who is affected, either directly or indirectly.

My thoughts are with the victims and the bereaved this night.

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