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This guy deserves a thorough fisking!

This may or may not say something about precautions and security increases in recent years around government targets. The IRA during its campaigns never targeted civilians, their issue was with the government.[ed: emphasis mine]

How can this guy be so ignorant. The IRA is a terrorist organisation that at its height purposely targeted the civil population of mainland Britain.
A good example of this is the 1996 Manchester Bombings in which, luckily, no-one was killed.

This language comes from IRA apologists who condone their violence because they are fighting the greater evil of the British occupation. And thus try to diminish it to inconsequence.
The IRA were just as evil as the individuals that planted the bombs yesterday.
And I am a person that supports a united Ireland and protested against the use of parratroops during the early 90s.
But I am not naive enough to classify the IRA as freedom-fighters, which this guy is inferring. [Since writing he has edited his post and added a comment that this scentence was unintentional and forgetful of the attrocities the IRA perpetrated on the civilian population of the UK. Kudos to him.]

… recent bombings such as those in Madrid and today in London involve timers and bombs

This guy seems to have more information at his disposal than the government.
Perhaps the security forces should give him a call to find out the names, telephone numbers and addresses of the people involved.
At the time he wrote this the government has still not ruled out suicide bombings. They even suspect that the bus bomb was a potential suicide bomber.
We will see how it all pans out. But the author of this blog seems amazingly knowledgeable.

We can only hope that the 6000 CCTV cameras within the underground system have captured the offenders

Finally some sane commentary on the attrocities.
This is what I dearly hope for as well.
That the many CCTV cameras that have removed some of our basic civil liberties can be used to protect the few that we have left.
Lets catch the bastards!

I don’t want to jump to conclusions too much, but the first thing I thought of when I heard about the bombings was that it has not only been carried out by Islamic extremists, but that they are somehow linked to the Finsbury Park Mosque in London

He doesn’t want to jump to conclusions? Then why does he straight away?
We have no information at time of writing as to who actually carried out the attacks.
Again the author is privy to lots more information than us mere mortals.
Who says it is not anti-globalists? or foreign islamist extremists? [After all one of the bombs went off in a densly populated Muslim neighbourhood.]
Jumping to conclusions seems to be something this author is very good at. Or he has special knowledge not availble to the rest of us.

British police were on the trail of establishing links between Al-Masri and planned plots against London, of which 6 planned attacks have been foiled before today due to the information gained from these raids[ed: empahasis mine]

If the police have been monitoring this guy, and the mosque, as they no doubt have to be able to stop 6 planned attacks, how come the attacks yesterday were likewise not discovered and stopped?
It could still be these guys, and I would not rule them out, but the police would likely have had some prior warning if they were involved. Unless the author is suggesting that the police suddenly, for some unknown reason, decided these people that had planned previous attacks were no longer a threat and so decided to ignore everything they were doing.

His extradition to the USA is now still on hold due to the UK being a UN member nation and therefore not being allowed to extradite people to countries who will impose the death penalty.[ed: empahasis mine]

The US is also a member of the UN and they extradite people to countries that have torture.
I think the author means membership of the EU which is significantly different.
And he is right. The EU has a policy that prevents member states from extraditing criminals to countries if it is suspected they might get the death penalty for their actions.
[This is aslo true of drug couriers who are chaged in countries with the death penalty for this crime.]

there is no way that an attack of this scale could have taken place in London without the local assistance of somebody like Al-Masri and his followers[ed: empahasis mine]

Will this guy never end.
Using the same distorted logic you can say that Americans must have assisted the 9/11 terrorists.
It may yet be proved that local extremists were involved. But an attack on this scale is not impossible for someone with evil motivation, bombs, a tube map and an A to Z. Regarless of where they come from.

He does finally redeem himself with the following;

At the moment all our thoughts and prayers are with the people of London.

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4 thoughts on “Fisking

  1. Keitaro says:

    OK. The guy has edited out, and apologised for, the IRA apologism.
    I find it disturbing that people have forgotten so quickly the horrors of living in the shadow of terrorism.
    I still feel the rest of my comments on his post stand though as he attributes actions to people withoout any public information being known.
    I will change the title of my post to reflect his change of heart on the IRA apologism, but keep the body of my post.


  2. Nik Cubrilovic says:

    After your comment on my blog I re-read my comment regarding the IRA and I did apologies for any offence that it may have caused. I left a comment back on my blog to that effect and have edited the post. It is remarkable how quickly we do forget what the IRA did do, I actually met somebody who lost 3 members of her family from the Omagh bomb so my comments are an injustice. Not trying to justify my point which was wrong, but the Sky news had comments that were not only along the same lines but stepped way over the line in stating that ‘the IRA had an unwritten agreement no to bomb soft targets’ (this was on their TV broadcast).

    One the authorities being interviewed did state that it seemed the attack was done by bombs with timers. In Madrid this was the case. At the scene of the bus they could not find a body that had the hallmarks of being of a suicide bomber.

    In regards to the CCTV cameras, this is no time to argue about our civil liberties as this is obviously one of the major starting points in an investigation (besides what is left of the devices themselves).

    The point of the rest of my post was my own opinion on a possible source of todays attack, given what has originated from Al-Masri over the past 6 years. He has openly supported terrorist actions in the past, and the fact that this happen right in London following previous foiled attempts that originated from his circle then I was pointing out this possible link.

    UN was meant to be EU (edited now, thanks for spotting my error), and that is the reason why Al-Masri is still being held in the UK. The US have lined up a number of charges against him for inciting and supporting terrorist activities. One of the planned attacks was the Ricin attack against London. The September 11 attackers had almost become locals, they were planning and preparing for their attacks for a while, as were the Madrid bombers. Meaning chances are that todays attackers might have been residents of London (continuing the theme from previous attacks).

    You have some valid points, but dont bash too much into what I have been saying about about Al-Masri and his past, its just something that came to mind as I was watching the news come over.


  3. Nik Cubrilovic says:

    And I don’t agree with the title of your post, infact after what I have been though with my own experiences I find it extremely offensive and upsetting. It is one thing to construct a differing opinion to another post and presenting your view, it is something else to refer to me as a terrorist apologist.


  4. Keitaro says:

    You are right. I overreacted myself.

    I get a little emotional when I feel people are belittling the horrors perpetrated by the IRA, or any terrorist organisation.
    They are, as you say, evil bastards.

    I apologise for the original title and have changed it.


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