It Syncs!


I have used the new iSync 2.1 and it was good.
I have now synched my phone and my address book, and as I can send email from my phone it means I can harrass my friends werever I am!

I have also transferred all the pictures from my phone and added them to my flickr account under the moblog tag.

So you can get to see some scary shots of me taken by my Nokia 6680 mobile phone!
[Notice that the night shots are not that good. The flash is pretty weak, but in decent lighting the pictures are of a relatively good quality]

I am now immensly happy with my mobile phone. It does everything I want it to.
It is good for taking photos when I don’t have my very good camera handy.

And I can use it to browse teh interwebs and send electronic mail.
I can even upload pictures taken directly to flickr.
[Although I am more than likely to upload to iPhoto and then upload from there to flickr.]

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