‘Required’ School Worship in the UK

School worship

Daily collective worship is a legal requirement for England’s schools

I find the above disturbing.

In this day and age to require religious practice is an abomination.

I find it hard to describe or explain to people raised in a country like the USA with a strict seperation of Church and State what it is like to be required to attend a daily religious service at school, attend religious education classes, and having a purely monotheistic view daily rammed down your throat.

It may have changed in the last 2 decades since I was at high school, but in my day we had daily prayer in assemblies in the morning, and twice a week we had Religious Education Class that taught 90% about Christianity, 8% Judaism and 2% Islam.
And this was in a state school.

We never got anything about Hinduism or Buddhism, even though there were members of those faiths in the class.
And Atheism/Humanism was right out.
Especially seeing as the teachers who took the class were the extra-curicular Christian group leaders, the pro-Christian bias was quite self-evident in their teaching practice.

Of course, the class, and even attending the prayer at assemblies, was optional for children of non-christian faiths.
But non-attendance would immediately mean that they got bullied for being different.

Dropping this requirement and secularising education in the UK, which also means getting rid of the Faith Based policies of the Blairite government, is the way to go.

It will only make the system fairer. And fairness, Blair continually tells us, is a British attribute.

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