Davis attacks UK multiculturalism

Davis attacks UK multiculturalism

The next leader of the also-rans is calling for an end to multiculturalism and a repeal of human rights.

I can not express how incandescent with rage this makes me.

The problem with his proposal is simply whose values are the right ones?.

How about the values of Tory ministers who got caught with prostitutes? or the members of the BNP and NF and their hate crimes? or how about the traditional British Victorian values of child labour and misogyny?

What about rooting out the more radical and hateful Christian ministers who spout their “Our religion is superior to theirs and they will all go to hell” nonsense? [Which I actually heard once as a child!]

Perhaps he needs to look at the background of the bombers.
They were normal members of the community. They liked sports. Some were community leaders. Some even drank alcohol.

The threat we face is not multiculturalism but the marginalisation of these communities by setting them as somehow different and un-British.

And Mr. Davis views, although no doubt popular with the tabloid readers of Britain, would only exacerbate the feelings of alienation that these communities feel.

2 thoughts on “Davis attacks UK multiculturalism

  1. Michiel says:

    That guy should be deported. But I’m having a hard time thinking of a place where I would not feel sorry for the populace on the receiving end.

    The USA comes to mind, or Antarctica


  2. Keitaro says:

    If only we could deport all of our politicians.
    That would solve a lot of our problems.

    Thing is I quite like some Americans.
    So I would not push him on the 49% because of the ignorant 51%.

    And the penguins don’t desrve him either.

    Perhaps Mars?


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