UK helped Israel get the bomb

UK helped Israel get nuclear bomb

It is very surprising to me we were not told because we shared information about the nuclear bomb very closely with the British

There are good reasons that the Amsicans shared the information with the Brits on the Manhattan project during WWII.
The first is that a lot of the scientists were ‘supplied’ by the Brits.
Either from their own academic institutes, or by ‘liberating’ them from occupied Europe.
The Brits shared their brains and the Yanks shared the results.

It was a marriage of convenience.

The so-called ‘special relationship’ is a myth.
Both sides only do what is in their own interests and hope that these interests coincide.

A good example is Vietnam.
The Brits knew it was going to be a charnal house and so did not get involved.

Or, Gulf War II.
Blairs’ gung-ho christian idealism coincided with Bush’s desire to push his colonial abitions.

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