Japanese Pancake World

Japanese Pancake World

My favouritest food in the whole world became a Japanese dish called Okonomiyaki about 6 months ago when I visited Japan.

On Saturday I went to my friend へんたい-Pete’s and popped around the corner with him to the only Okonomiyaki restaurant in Amsterdam.

As my first taste of this amazing dish 6 months ago was in the famous Okonomiyaki-mura in Hiroshima I ordered the same dish as I had there.
A Hiroshima style Okonomiyaki with bacon.
It was delicious and the sauce, advertised as similar to worcester sauce but in actuality sweeter and more solid [same consistency as syrup!], was the same brand as the sauce I smuggled back from Japan. [Made by real Japanese women!]

The restaurant, called Japanese Pancake World, is run by a German guy and his Japanese wife.
He is a really friendly guy and loved Okonomiyaki so much he decided to open a restaurant to serve it!

So if you are in Amsterdam and want a genuine Japanese treat drop by the restaurant, located in the Jordaan restaurant district, not far from Anne Franks house.

It was not lost on either myself or へんたい-Pete that we were eating Hiroshima style Okonomiyaki 60 years to the day that the first A-Bomb was dropped on that city.

It was profound to think that I had stood on the T shaped bridge the Americans used as the target.
[Not the original one of course! The one that replaced it.]

Plus, I was in two minds as to post this, as now my parents [Who I am told are the only people who I know who bother to read my Blog] know that I love a food that consists mostly of cabbage and sprouts!
Aaargh! It is really different! Honest!

2 thoughts on “Japanese Pancake World

  1. Michiel says:

    Depending on your def. of knowing someone I pick up on some of your rants in my feedreader 😉

    You’ve convinced me, I’ll try ’em next time in Amsterdam.

    I am also amazed you know someone who call himself or allows himself to be called Hentai-Pete 😉


  2. Keitaro says:

    He doesn’t!
    It is my nickname for him.
    It came from a conversation I had in Japan with a mutual friend.
    I thought it was funny, and so I continue to use it!

    And yes. I know you! But I meant in the meat-space.

    [I decided to replace it with the hiragana instead. 😉


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