Howard calls for political medling

Howard calls for terror support

There is a good reason that the British Law Lords are un-elected and appointed by their peers.
It makes them above the political grandstanding of the politicians.
We have seen in the US what happens when the judicial system is ‘enhanced’ with democratic representation.

With State Governors refusing a commutation of a death penalty even though there is compelling evidence of innocence, [Such as another person admitting to the crime] all because they do not want to be seen as politically ‘weak’.

Politicians are always thinking about their image and how to imrpove it with the electorate. At a time such as now, with the British public afraid of terrorism, strong anti-terror laws that infringe basic civil liberties are bound to be proposed.
It is up to the Law Lords, being relatively immune to political grandstanding, to act as the conscience of the judicial system and ensure we do not become a police state.

Perhaps Mr Howard needs to read a book like “British constitutional law for dummies” or some such.

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