New drink laws ‘lead to violence’

BBC New drink laws ‘lead to violence’

Just after I post that the Law Lords should be allowed independant oversight without political interference they say that the licensing laws in the UK, introduced as a temporary measure to stop munitions workers blowing themselves up in 1914, should not be changed to a more continental model.

Living in Amsterdam, where most bars stay open until 2 am, I can say that I feel far less afraid than I do on the streets of a provincial town, like St. Helens, after 11:30 pm.

It seems to work for the Netherlands, so why not the UK?

They do put forward a convincing argument though with the following,

“One only has to look to popular holiday destinations to see the effect of allowing British youth unrestricted access to alcohol,”

If you have seen British tourists in Amsterdam then you will understand what they are on about.

British youth seem to believe that a good night out is not complete without vomiting blood, starting a fight and eating undercooked food. And preferably waking up 2 days later.

So I think I actually agree with them.
What works in one culture does not necessarily translate to others.

But, at the same time, we will not know for sure what will happen unless the law changes.
Both sides have convincing arguments.
We will have to wait and see the affect of the new law when it is introduced in November.

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