Yippee a blue envelope!

Not what I normally say when I get one of the dreaded Belastingdienst [Tax Office] letters.
Normally they are asking me obscure questions related to employment three or four years ago.
Or why I ticked a box A instead of B, when it is obvious I should have ticked B, as I indicated X in part W of Income Tax form FRP45/D/1 etc.

But today I got a genuine nice letter from them.
Although I was not certain it was nice at first.
“The amount indicated below is either owed to us by yourself, or we owe it to you. If we owe you this amount then you will get it into bank account number X”
Followed by lots of frighteningly large amounts with titles like “Loonheffing” etc.
It was obviously generated by a computer and so was usefully vague as to who owed whom the amount indicated.

I looked at the amount owed and it was huge.
If I owed it to them then my savings were severely depleted.

Normally when you owe something to the taxman they include a bankgiro form in the envelope so you can pay them.
This letter did not have that, and I started to consider the remote possibility that they owed me the frighteningly large amount…

I checked my bank account and there it was!
They had owed it me for overtaxing in the 2003 tax year and had not only paid me the amount that they had overtaxed but ALSO the interest on that amount.


So in a couple of weeks I am taking some friends out for a slap up meal and I am also looking at replacing my 4 year old P4 machine with a Pentium D desktop replacement! [Give me Power!]

Thank you Belastingdienst!

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