Insurgents in New Orleans?

Boing Boing: Al-Cajun? Army Times calls NOLA Katrina victims “the insurgency”

I find it darkly amusing that they are calling common criminals insurgents now.

And I agree with Xeni that this is a incorrect usage of the word.

But I strongly disagree with the “Not refugee” statement she, and others, have made as regards to the victims of the hurricane.

They are refugees.

The word is defined as;

A person who seeks refuge; usually from political, ethnic or religious opression.

The problem comes from people only reading the end of the definition.

The fact is anyone who is seeking refuge from anything is a refugee.

A person fleeing a natural disaster is also a refugee.

And refugees do not have to be seeking refuge in another country.
[Notice the definition does not even mention foreign countries. You could be persecuted in a region of your own country and seek refuge within a safer region of the same country( This has happened a lot in Africa)]

So they are refugees, but they definitely ain’t insurgents. [Unless, of course, they intend to overthrow the government.]

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